Spring, 2007

Explorer Series, Volume 1
Pat and Rosemarie Keough

The UC Merced Library hosts an exhibit of ANTARCTICA, the Keoughs’ tome and presentation box.

The University of California at Merced writes:

This international award-winning book of photography encompasses landscapes, seascapes, ice, snow, wildlife, “the hand of man,” abstracts and realism. All told, the Keoughs spent 24 months exploring and photographing the Antarctic from the windswept polar plateau of the interior to the majestic, mountainous coast, and from the multitude of off-lying islands to the icy seas and surrounding stormy Southern Ocean.

ANTARCTICA is a work of craftsmanship as much as a dedication to a cause: all net proceeds from the book are given to the Save the Albatross campaign of BirdLife International.

On loan to UC Merced Library from Jim and Carlene Cunningham.

Pat and Rosemarie Keough also extend a special note of apprecation to: Jim and Carlene Cunningham.